Presents Americana Music & Craft Beer ~ July 23, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So what's the deal with Craft Beer?

A: We are featuring some good craft beers for purchase and consumption in addition to the good old standbys.

Q: Is this related to the BaconFest?

A: The Americana Festival came first and in its third year we added the Bacon to it.  We decided they should have their own Festivals this year and that is why we had BaconFest and are now having Americana.

Q: Will there be bacon involved in the Americana Festival?

A: Chef Todd Fisher will be the food purveyor at the Festival.  Some of his dishes will have bacon in them and they are to die for.  Todd is the Head Chef at Tarpy's Roadhouse and also hosted the T.V, Show "The United States of Bacon.

Q: What's the deal with Jim Lauderdale being at The Americana Festival every year?

A: Jim is Americana.  He was the first Americana performer of the year and now he hosts the Americana Awards show every year.  Not a year goes by, it seems, that Jim doesn't release two albums so he constantly has new material that we love to provide a venue for him to share it with the public.

Q: How do you decide who plays solo and who plays with a band?

A: Usually its logistics.  If they are on tour, Paul Thorn, The Americans and Tom Ayres Dylan 66, they have a band.  If they fly in for the show, The Mastersons and also Jim Lauderdale, they perform without a band.

Q: Do I have to pay for a ticket for my kid?

A: unless they are in a stroller we pretty much charge.  We have a lot of expenses to put on the Festival so I hope you understand.

Q: When do gates open?

A: 11:00am with The Americans going on at 11:30 so get there early.

Q: What time will Paul Thorn go on? 

A: We are aiming for about 5:15 and he will play for an hour and a half.

Q: Are there a lot of vendors?

A: No we decided to make this more about the music.  there will be a few vendors including our buddy Vince Smith selling his great hats and of course the merchandise table selling the bands stuff, but other then that there will only be a couple of others.

Q: Can we buy tickets without a service charge?

A: You can get them at the Fairgrounds main office during business hours for $30 each no service charge.

Q: Is there a charge for parking?

A: This year we are hoping the on street parking will accommodate everyone.

Q: What can I bring in?

A: No bottles, booze, or food that is of a special diet nature.  No knives and that kind of stuff either.  You can bring blankets and chairs without long legs.

Q: Do I have to bring my own chair or blanket?

A: It will probably be more comfortable though we do have grandstand seating and benches.  There is about 15-30 minutes between bands to walk around so you shouldn't get too stiff in any case.

Q: Does it get hot there?

A: It is usually sunny and hats and sunscreen are recommended.   

Q: Do you have any of the shirts or hats from previous years still available?

A: We found some the other day.  Not many but we will have them at the merch table and they will be cheap.  We even have a few BaconFest shirts.

Q: I don't see my question answered here.

A:  I don't believe that is in the form of a question.  If you mean what if you still have a question then shoot it off to or put it on our Face Book page which is updated many times a day Monterey Americana Festival.  There are a lot of cool videos there and the latest news on the Festival.

Q: Why do you charge so much to get in?

A: Seriously?  You get five bands, any one of which should be $30-$40.  Please research them or at least look at the Facebook page and you will answer that question yourself.  Trust me you will leave knowing your money was well spent if it is the food, the beer or the music it is some of the best and least expensive you'll have had of any of the three.

Monterey Americana Festival